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Resident Evil 4 – A breathless adventure …

Posted on Apr 29

A breathless run …

Author’s comments:
I’ve been waiting to do this run for quite a while, but never really had many good opportunities to put aside time to do it. Regardless, it’s a good thing I didn’t though due to recently discovered glitches that I used.

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June (2005)

Posted on Mar 24

“June” is a machinima made with Half-Life 2 by Valve. I used three different versions of Garry’s Mod to make it: Garry’s Mod Eight v3b, Garry’s Mod 7a, and Garry’s Mod 7a (For CS). All scenes are from original HL2 or Counter-Strike: Source maps, except for one scene using DM_Greenhouse by ColdWontRise.

The music in “June” is by the wonderful group ISAN: visit their site at www.isan.co.uk. The song is from the album “Blue Skied An’ Clear” on the Morr Music label.

Thanks for your interest! — Brian Berndt, http://www.animara.com/feisar/june

This movie is part of the collection: Machinima

Director: Berndt, Brian aka Feisar
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Language: English
Contact Information: http://www.animara.com/feisar/june

A jump in the past

Posted on Jan 16

I recently run through this and it was a really pleasant watching.

Rise of the Living Dead, Episode II (2005)

Clara’s Rise of the Living Dead trilogy continues, with the distinctive cinematography and use of sound effects and music characteristic of the series — now with voice acting, too. Like Clara’s other movies, this episode in the “Rise of the Living Dead” series was made in the “World of Warcraft” MMO.– HEL

“The end of Azeroth is near..would you have the courage to stand?” — Dogs of Warcraft website.

Soundtrack available at www.apple.com/itunes/ imix keyword warcraft

This movie is part of the collection: Machinima

Production Company: Sleeping Dogs Productions
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Language: English
Keywords: Diltz, J. Joshua; Clara: Sleeping Dogs Productions; Dogs of Warcraft; World of Warcraft; Blizzard Entertainment
Contact Information: http://www.dogsowarcraft.com/sleepingdogs.htm