Fear and excitement mix in Final Fantasy XVI, the last chapter in the Final Fantasy series

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Square Enix has created and just released Final Fantasy XVI, an action RPG. It is the sixteenth installment in the Final Fantasy series, and it was released on PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023. The game has open-segmented settings and an action-based fighting system that includes melee and magic-based assaults. There are also recurrent characters from the series, like Chocobos and summoned monsters called Eikons, who are both fought as bosses and employed in combat by channeling their power.

Final Fantasy XVI takes place in Valisthea, a world divided into six nations with access to magical crystals and rulers, humans who serve as hosts for each nation’s Eikon. When a calamity known as the “Plague” threatens to engulf the land, tensions between the nations rise. Clive Rosfield, Phoenix’s older brother Joshua, sees the latter’s murder and the ruin of his kingdom and decides to embark on a quest for vengeance in search of the dark Eikon Ifrit.

Since the first scenes of the latest Final Fantasy chapter, all is permeated with a deep sense of fear, thrill, and excitement that entice players and watchers.


Final Fantasy XVI is set in Valisthea, a fantasy realm divided into factions such as the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, the Kingdom of Waloed, the Dhalmekkian Republic, the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, and the Iron Kingdom. The world is plagued by a sickness that Mother Crystal keeps at bay. The Eikon, summoned monsters controlled by or manifesting through people known as Dominants, play an important role in the plot.

The protagonist is Clive Rosfield, the eldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria, who starts on a journey for vengeance following terrible events involving the enigmatic Eikon Ifrit. While the co-stars are: Joshua Rosfield, Clive’s younger brother, Dominant of the Eikon Phoenix, and designated heir to the throne of Rosaria, and Jill Warrick, a girl from the Fallen Northern lands who is Clive and Joshua’s adoptive sister and confidante. Clive fights utilizing a combination of melee sword attacks and magical skills in the game.

From the initial minutes, you can tell that the game will depart from the previous chapters: no heroes of the light or extraordinary young people to redeem the kingdom’s fate, but a bleak atmosphere in which the protagonist, Clive, faces an unfavorable destiny full of painful decisions and losses.

Valisthea is a broken kingdom, with several houses constantly fighting for control of a territory now permeated by the blood of countless battles, and it is here that our protagonist, and his younger brother Joshua, find themselves in what is effectively a coup. It is precisely from this point, through a decidedly inspired story, that we enter the shoes of a mature protagonist.


Final Fantasy XVI completely abandons the old turn-based mechanics and embraces a nature completely devoted to action, and dynamics. It is extremely fun and satisfying, and never frustrating, giving the option to choose between two levels of difficulty, one more devoted to mechanics and clashes and one designed specifically for those who want to enjoy the plot, to please everyone. Magic, without a doubt, is one of the protagonists of the story.

Despite the presence of other characters who will take turns in the story and accompany us in the fights, the player’s attention is entirely devoted to the development of Clive and, to a lesser extent, to his faithful dog Torgal. Torgal is an essential component of the combat though, and he will assist the protagonist with powerful assaults or heal him when necessary, proving extremely helpful in various situations and providing very lovely moments of closeness.

An extremely positive note is the battle between the Eikons, gigantic entities linked to the elements, which, in addition to being characterized by incredible graphics, return a sense of “power”, somehow recalling the battle between the Kaiju in the Godzilla in films or the huge robots that stand out in much Japanese anime and perfectly put themselves at the service of an always tense plot.


The graphics’ impact is incredible. The title was developed for the last generation of consoles and wants to emphasize it at all times, offering spectacular landscapes and fights full of lights and particle effects. Final Fantasy XVI is a title that certainly makes graphics one of its strengths. All the locations present in the prologue are aesthetically impeccable, from the textures of the characters’ clothes to the various landscapes, the graphics engine never disappoints.


With its optimal reception among aficionados, Final Fantasy XVI is a game that aims to present a story full of twists and pathos that hasn’t been seen in a long time, capable of grabbing both old and new fans, and that marks the beginning of a new era for the series.

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