Dragon Age: Inquisition

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One of the most immersive experiences you can get in a video game is definitely achievable via an RPG, and pretty much like the Elder Scrolls series, Dragon Age Inquisition manages to bring a similar effect. This time, Bioware manages to remove the shameful features that made the second installment in the series a disappointment, and instead it provides us with great, game-of-the-year material.


Dragon Age Inquisition’s story continues the one that started with the previous title. Here we find ourselves in a battle between the mages and Templars. Not only that, but a hell rift opens as well and you, the inquisitor, are the only one that can stop it, as well as the other smaller rifts that are opened throughout the land.


It’s nice to see that there are 4 races this time, with the Qunari making their comeback as a playable one, alongside the elves, humans, and dwarves. It’s nice that there are multiple classes to choose from, so the game provides a much-needed variety in this regard.

Playing as a warrior is very satisfying, and the fact that you can get 3 companions with you as well it’s very refreshing. Additionally, being able to use the tactical approach during battles is also a neat idea, as it offers many interesting ways to enjoy the battles. This does encourage strategy quite a lot, and you are bound to appreciate this for sure.

Dragon Age Inquisition offers great character customization options and you will spend maybe hours trying to customize your character. Still, the best part is that the game offers you access to a massive world from the start. The game world in Dragon Age Inquisition is enormous, and there are so many quests that you will always try to find more and more ways to play, even if you choose to avoid the main story altogether.

You can create camps in the game, battle enemies, and solve a multitude of missions, or you can just explore the land and try to level up. The interface in this game is nicely implemented and overall the game just manages to look stunning, which is quite cool.

The main interesting thing in Dragon Age Inquisition is, of course, the appearance of dragons. These beasts are very hard to defeat and you need to destroy portions of their body, not just lower their health bar. This makes the battle feel more realistic and personal, so you are going to like these results. With 10 dragons in the game, there is a lot of variety to be had, and overall the game does a great job in this regard.

Graphics and sounds

This game looks amazing! It has a great character design, a variety of locations to visit, and good animations. You have a multitude of regions to explore, and each one looks very realistic and quite nice, to be honest. Sure, there are places with low-quality textures or locations that simply do not bring a great appeal, but in the end, the title does live up to its premise of bringing a massive world to explore, filled with potential and interesting things to discover.

The soundtrack is nice, albeit a little repetitive, but the sound design and voice acting is very good, which does manage to bring you lots of cool moments as you listen to the characters and their dialogues.


Right from the start, you will see that the game has a ton of potential, and that increases exponentially as you play. It’s very nice to see these things play out the right way, and you can rest assured that the game only gets better. You can play for more than 100 hours in this massive world, and you’ll still find stuff to gather and explore. Dragon Age Inquisition is good-looking, with great gameplay, and everything you might need to enjoy a pleasant and demanding RPG experience!



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