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Gamers always enjoy cooperative experiences mainly because they have the opportunity to work with other people toward achieving a common goal. Evolve is a game similar to that idea, but it does come with a few shifts on its own in order to keep things interesting.


The main idea in Evolve is that you, as well as your team, are members of an established colony on the planet Shear, and you are attacked by monsters that want to destroy the region. A planet tamer comes out of retirement and he assembles a team of monster fighters out of which you are one of the members. It might not be a perfect story, in fact, it’s filled with clichés, but the main focus of the title is placed on the gameplay.


Evolve is an asymmetrical multiplayer experience, so there are basically 4 hunters and 1 single monster. Each one of these is controlled by a gamer, with the monster being much stronger than the hunters, so only by cooperating together will the hunters stand a chance.

What’s very interesting in Evolve is that both hunters and monsters alike have their own abilities, so it’s a very interesting thing to see how each one evolves and gets new skills, while also becoming increasingly stronger. Monsters can evolve by killing small creatures. In order for the evolution to take place, the monster will enter a cocoon stage when he is very vulnerable to attacks.

It’s nice to see that Evolve comes with a variety of maps, although it’s a little disappointing that you don’t get any, hopefully, the season pass will add more. Still, being able to play in a multitude of level types is fun, and a great experience overall that acts as a good incentive.

As a hunter, the main objective is to kill the monster aided by your friends, whereas the monster has to kill all hunters or, depending on the map, complete a secondary objective. This is what made the game interesting for us, the fact that you can also have an alternate way of winning, which was pretty cool.

Each Hunter team is comprised of four different classes, which are the assault, medic, support, and trapper. It was refreshing to see that these offer different abilities and each one actually makes sense in the grand scheme. Monsters are gargantuan and very imposing, which is cool, but sometimes their controls can be a little clunky which might lead to unnecessary death. On the other hand, being a hunter is very intense, something that you can compare to the Alien game series, as it’s quite frightening to engage a massive monster. Also, the game modes are cool and varied enough to abolish repetition, which is quite good, to be honest.

Graphics and sounds

Evolve looks great, and it does manage to provide a wide range of interesting opportunities for gamers. The monster design is terrifying, as it should be, and the maps are very realistic, in a futuristic way, so you will definitely like the outcome. There were a few graphical glitches, such as stuttering, but in the end, Evolve does a great job from a visual standpoint. The sounds in Evolve are good, and, as a monster for example, you do need to rely on them in order to take the hunters by surprise.


Evolve is a massive game with a ton of potential. It’s cool and exciting, and even though it might have a few performance issues and other problems, in the end, it’s just an awesome game to play, especially with your friends, so check it out, you will definitely like it.



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