Dying Light

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Zombie killing games are very popular nowadays, but the main issue you encounter with them is that they just don’t manage to stand out from the crowd that often, as they lack the intensity and variety of other genres. Dying Light is here to prove us wrong, as this is a game that combines parkour elements with zombie killing in an adrenalin-pumped, action-packed ride you will like for sure.


The story in Dying Light sees you in the role of an operative that goes undercover in order to infiltrate an area in quarantine, with the purpose of gathering intel and an antidote if possible. The story isn’t interesting at first, but it soon catches you off-guard, with numerous plot changes designed to keep it interesting!


At the beginning of the game, you need to go through a prolonged tutorial session where you just kill a single zombie. This is a great way to understand the game mechanics, but it can put you off, especially if you just play the game to kill zombies.

After we exit the tower and receive a few missions, it’s game time! You can find a ton of zombies in the city, but they are inactive during the day, so as long as you don’t engage them, you can move pretty much freely, thanks to the intense parkour elements. However, traversing the city’s roofs and exploring with parkour elements is quite cool, so there will be many intense moments where you wonder if you will make that particular jump.

In Dying Light, you can actually craft, which was a great thing to see. From items like medkits to new weapons, crafting is very useful in Dying Light and you do want to use such mechanics if you want to stay alive.

Combat in Dying Light is brutal, allowing you to truly feel the intensity of battles. Guns are rare in this game, so most of the time you get in the fight with melee weapons, that definitely manage to add up the overall intensity.

During the night, zombies are fierce and the only way to kill them is either setting traps and killing more at a time or just avoiding them at all costs. Using distractions is very important if you want to stay alive. Dying Light might not be a perfect zombie apocalypse simulation, but let me tell you, it gets pretty close to being such a thing.

Graphics and sounds

This game looks stunning, and the vistas here are incredible. Zombies look as disgusting as always, but very detailed, and overall the game manages to provide that intense feeling of fighting against a multitude of zombies, which is cool. The locations are detailed, character design is stellar, but the animations seem to suffer, especially lip sync for some characters.

The soundtrack doesn’t really stand out aside from a few interesting moments during battles, but it’s good enough so it won’t get in your way. Moreover, the voice acting is bland in this game, with few characters managing to stand out based on their voice alone, which is a shame, to say the least.


So, is Dying Light worth a shot? It definitely is, if you like intense battles and an exciting adventure in a zombie-filled region. It might not be the best zombie game out there, but it does manage to capture the survival feeling, thanks to parkour and crafting. You’ll like the result even if you aren’t a fan of such games, so the only thing that remains here is to go ahead and play the title, you will have a great time with it.



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