A Weekend in the Old Republic Toastervision preview

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Dylan felt that A Weekend in The Old Republic is an exciting one. The dreams of Star Wars MMO did not broke on its own but it changed its ownership from time to time by dashing it again with consecutive video. The hopes of the player sank even more after getting a bit on hands that too on time and it felt like World of Warcraft having a dialogue wheel. Initially the game was not seemed to have so much of sense out the window. He was invited to visit the most recent Beta weekend and thought that all these sense of sanity were out of the window. He installed it and decided to have a final attempt in order to confirm the suspicions and proved it to himself that The Old Republic is not worth of playing it. After two days only he realized the truth and thought that his imagination was wrong.

After the installation of lengthy and patching sessions he was greeted with a character customization screen. Basically the game is not so deep and the options which are available are fairly limited especially with regard to certain aspects. Players select their class, allegiance, gender and finally it will customize all their facial features.

The journey of Toast started on the planet of Tython which is the Jedi order of ancient homeworld. In the meanwhile most of the MMO’s will start fetching questions on you. The Old Republic will offer you all the exact things. Each and every question will have a short dialogue segment and offers the players a chance on how to go about random NPC and asking them questions on how to perform it. In some cases it will refuse all the quests altogether. It is considered as a neat mechanic and a big difference in between them is their title.

After a certain period of time they have started to get bored and found lot of slogs while reading through the long dialogue which will be carried out for certain point of time. The voice acting is said to be doing very well and it seems to be little excessive in order to have an every single quest. The players will be able to tune their personalities irrespective of other factors. It will be effective only when it is accompanied with dialogues and it is the best way to earn more of points. The other factor which is being used for character building are color crystals and it can be outfitted with various colors such as red or orange for dark shades and light will be indicated by blue or green color. Toast found him to be killing due to useless individuals. A Weekend in The Old Republic game talked mostly about companion systems but it will not feel that it is being included with it. Dylan then proceeded to the beta weekend The Old Republic with nagging thought and poor expectations. Basically A Weekend in The Old Republic offers lots of enjoyment to the player.

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