Sizzling hot FPS Games 2011

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Developers of FPS games have given FPS game fans more to cheer for in 2011. Online gaming is now the hottest pastime of most kids as well as adults and each and every day, exciting FPS games are being introduced to the gaming arena all over the globe. It doesn’t matter what you have is Xbox, Playstation or the PC, all you need is a craving for action. Here are some of the hottest FPS games for 2011 that sizzle up all their competition:

Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 3)

As a gamer, Call of Duty should not be an unfamiliar entry. This time round, it is coming back to capture the hearts of millions of gamers, young and old alike, with its extremely realistic military warfare graphics.


This game is created by Guerilla Games. Killzone has 4 series that had been published by Sony and Killzone 3 is the fourth one to be released. There is basically not a single dull moment you can find in this game. The effects are excellent since it is presented in 3D.


Created by Insomniac games, what you will notice about this game is that they used real actors on the cut-scene, which makes it much more realistic. The graphics that the developers used are more flabbergasting than ever before. This game will be available in September of 2011.

F.E.A.R 3

This is a game that is not only focused on the shooting and killing but it also narrates a story about Alma Wade and her children. This game is created by Day 1 Studios and can be played in PS3, Xbox as well as MS Windows. This game was initially scheduled for released in 2010 but was postponed to 2011.


The developers of the game created something new and different for this game. They intensified all the moves and the targets on this new game. What makes it stands out slightly from other games is that you can choose from two types of mission and the story will start accordingly to your choice.

Doom 4

If you are looking for a game with ultramodern guns and firearm models that you can choose from then this is the game for you. Your goal here is to expel your monster rivalries without the help of anyone. Some reviews point out that the let-down in this game is that you will not hear the main character speak and you will also not see him unlike most FPS games. But if you are really focused on the shooting; who cares!


The setting of this game is after the end of the world – that immediately prepares for your imagination to take flight. Although it is a very common scenario for online games, it can also take your breath because of the realistic special effects.

Battlefield 3

This game actually exceeds the gamers’ expectations. The game’s visual excellence will capture the hearts of the gamers in an instant. The visuals are perfect, the audio quality is phenomenal and the action is mind boggling – what else can you ask for? It’s basically sizzling hot!

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