The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – An epic journey across Hyrule and its Skies

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The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular brands ever, so bringing a new chapter to life while keeping the franchise’s enduring roots is a very difficult task. This is done without alienating the series’ devoted historical followers. Nintendo has demonstrated with Tears of the Kingdom that it is the master of this intricate system, despite a few small flaws.

Nintendo created and released The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, an action-adventure game, on the Nintendo Switch in 2023. The open landscape of Hyrule has been enlarged to allow for greater vertical exploration in Tears of the Kingdom, the follow-up to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017). Link is controlled by the player as he looks for Princess Zelda and battles Ganondorf to keep the world from being destroyed.


At the conclusion of the Zelda chronology in the realm of Hyrule now at peace, Tears of the Kingdom takes place a number of years after Breath of the Wild. Under Hyrule Castle is a cavern that Link and Zelda decide to investigate in order to learn more about the “Gloom” poison that has been seeping out of it and sickening people. They discover a mural there that shows the creation of Hyrule and the subsequent Imprisoning War, a fight fought against a figure only known as the “Demon King” in the past. They decide to go forward, which causes a mummy to emerge and assault the two with Gloom. The Master Sword is broken, Hyrule Castle is hauled up by the mummies, and Link’s right arm is seriously hurt.

As Link tries to catch Zelda as she falls to the ground below, she disappears carrying an enigmatic relic. Link is saved by a ghostly arm that had been holding the mummy in place. Later on the Great Sky Island, Link awakens to discover that his broken arm has been replaced. He encounters the Zonai ghost of Rauru, who is also Link’s new arm’s owner. Link is helped by Rauru as he travels the Great Sky Island, regaining his strength and gaining new abilities. Link throws the broken Master Sword into a brilliant light at the Temple of Time. It disappears and then turns up elsewhere in Zelda’s hands. The Light Dragon emerges from a blow, and Zelda sends Link a telepathic message pleading with him to find her.

Link is then able to descend to Hyrule from there. There, he discovers that Hyrule is in disorder as a result of the Upheaval, the event that took place in the cavern. Link sets off to look into rumors of weird occurrences throughout the kingdom after receiving guidance from Purah, a scientist and one of Zelda and Link’s friends. He meets up with some of his former allies along the way, including Riju, the leader of the Gerudo, Yunobo, the president of YunoboCo and a Goron, Sidon, the current king of the Zora, and Tulin, a young Rito archer and the son of Teba, the Rito commander. They accompany Link as he explores the old Zonai temples. Link discovers odd items after killing the monsters who inhabited the temples.

Link and his friends are visited by the ghosts of four former Sages who choose them as their successors and hand over the Secret Stones, the tools they once used, to them. Following tales of Zelda’s arrival around Hyrule, Link eventually finds her at Hyrule Castle, where she shows herself to be a phony working for Ganondorf, the Demon King who was the mummy beneath Hyrule Castle. Link and his allies successfully take down Phantom Ganon, the pretender. Later, Link meets Mineru, another ancient Sage who uses spiritual projection to stay in the physical world. For her spirit to live, he assists in building a mechanical body where placing it.

Link discovers Zelda’s fate through Mineru, the Sages, and the Dragon’s Tears strewn across the landscape. A Secret Stone was the object that disappeared with Zelda, and it let her travel through time to the distant past. Here, she meets Sonia, the first queen of Hyrule, and Rauru, who is later revealed to be the kingdom’s first king. Ganondorf murdered Sonia in the past, took her Secret Stone, and transformed himself into the Demon King. In addition to sacrificing himself to seal Ganondorf, Rauru names his older sister Mineru, Zelda, the four leaders of the Zora, Rito, Gorons, and Gerudo, as the Six Sages. Later, Zelda gives the Sages the job of helping Link in the future after receiving the Master Sword. At this point, she consumes her Secret Stone, goes through the draconification process, and becomes the Light Dragon in order to revive the Master Sword and rejoin Link.

Link learns the location of the Master Sword from the great tree deity in the present after freeing the Great Deku Tree from Gloom in Korok Forest. He proceeds to confront Ganondorf underneath the Hyrule Castle after obtaining the Master Sword from the Light Dragon. Before facing off against Ganondorf, Link faces off against an army of monsters with the assistance of Sidon, Tulin, Yunobo, Riju, and Mineru.

Ganondorf consumes his Secret Stone as he approaches defeat and changes into the Demon Dragon, carrying Link over Hyrule. Link uses the Master Sword to break the Demon Dragon’s Secret Stone with the help of the Light Dragon, slaying it. Link recovers his original right arm and transforms the Light Dragon back into Zelda with the help of the spirits of Rauru and Sonia. Link and Zelda meet again as the spirits of Rauru and Sonia vanish and fall to the surface below.

After hearing the Sages’ promise to safeguard Hyrule, Mineru says goodbye to Zelda, Link, Sidon, Tulin, Yunobo, Riju, and Purah and departs into the afterlife with Rauru and Sonia in the post-credits scene.

Tears of the Kingdom introduces innovations that breathe new life into the gaming experience while staying true to the entrancing art style and story that have come to be expected from the releases in this series. As usual, the story centers around Link, the protagonist, and his tenacious battle against evil to save Princess Zelda. Overall, Tears of the Kingdom is a dramatic and affecting story that skillfully balances originality and nostalgia by fusing well-known saga themes with fresh characters and narratives. Hyrule is a realm that you can nearly reach because each character has a unique narrative to share.


The open-world action-adventure gameplay from the previous Zelda game is carried over into Tears of the Kingdom. Assuming the role of Link, players search Hyrule and two new locations – the Depths and the Sky, which are strewn with floating islands – for tools, supplies, and missions. Link can travel via foot, horseback, paragliding, climbing, and more.

The Zonai gadgets, which are new to Tears of the Kingdom, can be used by the player for battle, propulsion, exploration, and other purposes. Runes from the prior game are swapped out for five new abilities: Ultrahand, Fuse, Ascend, Recall, and Autobuild. The use of Ultrahand enables the user to pick up, move, and combine various objects. This can be used with Zonai devices to make various vehicles or other objects. Using Fuse, Link can add components, tools, or specific world objects to a shield or a weapon to improve its properties and durability. An arrow, for instance, will explode upon impact if an explosive object is fused to it. When utilizing Autobuild, a device created with Ultrahand is instantly recreated, automatically employing neighboring tools and objects if they are available, or, if a part is absent, making one-time substitutes at the expense of Zonaite. The ability to ascend enables the player to climb up through solid objects. Recall can be used to “rewind” an object’s motion.

The shrines and Korok seeds return. Players receive a Light of Blessing from shrines as they are cleared. Once Link has four of them, he can use them to either increase his heart count by one or increase the size of his stamina wheel. Link’s inventory can contain extra melee weapons, shields, or bows if he uses Korok seeds to expand its size.

A new danger is present in the Depths, which are reached by chasms on the surface. Gloom is a slimy substance. Link’s maximum number of hearts is briefly reduced by one whenever he interacts with or is struck by foes shrouded in gloom. In order to regain his full health, Link must either travel to a light root, a gigantic light-emitting plant located in the Depths or return to the surface.

Tears of the Kingdom adds fresh gameplay elements that enhance the experience above earlier incarnations of the franchise. Link’s capacity to engage with the world in novel ways delivers a rich depth of play that is limited only by the player’s creativity. Tears of the Kingdom offers the opportunity to approach any circumstance, including boss fights, in a variety of ways thanks to the “Construction” feature, which is possibly the major and most significant for this chapter.

Hyrule has been designed by Nintendo to change and react to the player’s activities, making exploration a crucial aspect of the game alongside the puzzles, which have always been a key component of Zelda and have been greatly improved. Now, in addition to solving logical puzzles, they also call for Link to make inventive use of his skills and engage with the surroundings. Each dungeon becomes a distinctive and interesting challenge thanks to its richness.

The boss fights are the game’s centerpiece, and each one is a design marvel that strikes the perfect balance between timing, strategy, and talent. No monster ever seems to be too simple or too difficult; instead, they always give the correct challenge at the right time.

Despite all of this praise, Tears of the Kingdom has certain drawbacks. For example, the world’s sheer size can occasionally feel a little overwhelming, and the lack of a more user-friendly navigation map can occasionally cause annoyance. Additionally, even though the game always provides a rich and immersive gaming experience, some players could find the game’s pacing to be a little too slow, at least in the beginning.


Despite the technological constraints of the Switch, the graphics are stunning. The game engine has been upgraded, enabling a significantly higher degree of detail than in the first chapter, with excellent lighting, shadows, and texture rendering. At first glance, it is impossible to look at the various environments and not be captivated by their rich and brilliant colors.

Although the graphics engine has done a commendable job, there are times when the Switch hardware struggles, with a loss of frames that does not negatively impact the overall experience but causes one to sneer. However, because there are so many elements on the screen, this is a reasonable compromise, because Tears of the Kingdom has had the bravery to completely rewrite itself in comparison to the game from seven years before.


As usual, the music is outstanding and serves as the ideal backdrop for every circumstance we will encounter, evoking distinct emotions at any time.


With the Zelda franchise, Nintendo has once again demonstrated that it is not hesitant to experiment with new ideas. A dazzling diamond, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an experience that every Zelda lover should have and that every player new to the series should attempt at least once in their life. Despite a few small issues, the game offers a grand journey that gamers will undoubtedly never forget.

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