Resident Evil 4 – A breathless adventure …

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A breathless run …

Author’s comments:
I’ve been waiting to do this run for quite a while, but never really had many good opportunities to put aside time to do it. Regardless, it’s a good thing I didn’t though due to recently discovered glitches that I used.

Striker Glitch: This allows Leon to run incredibly fast, but due to the time it takes to just activate the glitch itself, I rarely use it. When implemented, it only saves a few seconds at a time, and the time saved by the glitch isn’t too much, maybe only 1-2 minutes.

Locked Door Glitch: With the TMP, and ONLY the TMP, locks on the opposite side of doors can be broken, thus skipping approximately 5-6 minutes of the game. I do not have to go through the castle maze, or the falling ceiling to get the Queen’s Grail.

Although the current record time for RE4 Special Weapons is 1:59:07, and I utilized glitches to save time, I am playing in PRO mode. Enemies are harder to kill, such as Del Lago taking extra hits, and enemy AI is a lot more responsive. I’ll let my video speak for itself, considering the RE4 SDA page already has a lot of comments on it. If I want to be realistic, my time is about 1 minute faster but I had to switch recordable DVDs since I went over 2 hours.

My AIM is danthetrmptman and my e-mail is for anyone that wants to contact me to discuss this run or other games.

Producer: Daniel ‘SoulCalibrII’ Chamness

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