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Sizzling hot FPS Games 2011

Posted on Feb 6

Developers of FPS games have given FPS game fans more to cheer for in 2011. Online gaming is now the hottest pastime of most kids as well as adults and each and every day, exciting FPS games are being introduced to the gaming arena all over the globe. It doesn’t matter what you have is Xbox, Playstation or the PC, all you need is a craving for action. Here are some of the hottest FPS games for 2011 that sizzle up all their competition:

Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 3)

As a gamer, Call of Duty should not be an unfamiliar entry. This time round, it is coming back to capture the hearts of millions of gamers, young and old alike, with its extremely realistic military warfare graphics.


This game is created by Guerilla Games. Killzone has 4 series that had been published by Sony and Killzone 3 is the fourth one to be released. There is basically not a single dull moment you can find in this game. The effects are excellent since it is presented in 3D.

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